Easy Yakiniku With Dipping Sauce

Gyu-Kaku is a large Korean yakiniku chain with several hundred branches across Japan . Many of the meats come marinated and there are various dipping sauces, including raw egg ones, to dip the cooked meat into before eating. We really liked the spicy tofu with mince meat side dish as well. Yakiniku just means grilled beef in Japanese and is prepared exactly in that way. It’s beef, usually slices of ribeye, chuck or top round, grilled on a BBQ and served with yakiniku dipping sauce. It usually consists of a small grill filled with charcoal placed in the center of the table while different cuts of meats and vegetables are cooked on top of it.

Beef with lots of fat is usually seasoned with only salt and pepper. Avoid eating three slices of that in a row, as it dulls your taste buds. Switching to short ribs or blade steak paired with barbecue sauce mid-way helps to change up the texture and flavour.

The Thai New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Thailand and a popular time for locals to travel. With the help of our Michelin Inspectors overseas, we’ve compiled a list of the must-eat dishes for travelling Thais. a barbecue that contains a variety of ingredients, I suggest robatayaki instead. There are 2 kinds of gristle―the knee parts and the heel.

They will take your order and light your gill for you. When ready, and it is usually pretty quick, the meat and other dishes are bought out to the table for you to cook yourself.

Yakiniku sauce is a sweet & flavorful Japanese BBQ sauce. It's perfect for dipping thinly sliced of well marbled short rib and other grilled goodies. Typical “tare” is made of soy sauce mixed with sake, mirin, sugar, garlic, fruit juice, and sesame seeds.

I highly recommend making the sauce a day before. This grill 高級 焼肉 in the picture above is called Shichirin (七輪). I bought one from a Japanese hardware store in SF but you can also purchase on Amazon.

This communal style of eating is meant to be enjoyed with leisure and good company. The owners of FUTAGO were born as twin brothers in Osaka, the most popular city for yakiniku in Japan. From small shops to popular national chains, almost all tables at ayakinikurestaurant have a personal grill.

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